Peace, Justice and Human Rights

Mode: Face to Face and Online
Duration of Course: 1-2 months
Number of Credits: 3 credits
Fee: US$1200 inclusive of training Materials
Certificate Awarded: Certificate of Competence

Course Description

This training will address regional and international efforts to promote justice and to establish the rule of law during or after conflicts. Ideally, efforts to promote peacebuilding and justice after conflicts encompass a variety of objectives, including creating institutions that will foster lasting peace and stability, designing and implementing mechanisms for bringing accountability to perpetrators of human rights abuses, and fostering reconciliation in societies. But this training will be different; it focuses in exploring the complex legal, political, and moral considerations that shape efforts to promote peacebuilding and justice. Thus, regional and international efforts to promote peacebuilding and justice are intended not only to promote justice and reconciliation but also to prevent renewed cycles of active hostilities. The following are some of the objectives of the training:

  1. To introduce participants to the concepts of peacebuilding and post-conflict justice through a series of case studies of regionally indigenous mechanisms.
  2. To challenge trainees to consider the complicated moral, political and legal questions which shape efforts to promote peacebuilding and post-conflict justice.
  3. To provide trainees with an opportunity to conduct and present independent quasi research.

The training, predominantly, will be approached from a multi-disciplinary theoretical and methodological frame of references. Since the training is mostly for those who either already deal with issues of conflict and peace in the region, or with issues of justice, human rights and peace, or have the potential to engage in either activities, such approach will be valuable teaching and learning framework.

Module One: Introduction to Peace and Security Studies
Module two: Global, Regional and National Human Rights Instruments
Module three: Peace, Justice and Human Rights

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