List of Modules

Course Code

Course Title


Year 1

UPM 1001

Introduction to Peace Studies

UPM 1002

Introduction to International Relations

UPM 1003

Conflict, War and Political Violence

UPM 1004

Political Systems, Theories and Ideologies

UPM 1005

Poverty, Development and Globalization

UPM 1006

Study skills in Peace Studies


Year 2

UPM 2001

Conflict Research Skills

UPM 2002

Development theories and Practice

UPM 2003

Global Governance

UPM 2004

Peace and Change in Africa

UPM 2005

Regional Politics

UPM 2006

Responding to Conflicts in Africa


Year 3

UPM 3001

Security: Concepts and Theories

UPM 3002

International Political Economy

UPM 3003

Understanding Violence

UPM 3004

Democracy and Authoritarianism

UPM 3005

Human Rights in Africa


Year  4

UPM 4001

Peace, Conflict and Development in Africa

UPM 4002

Peace, Ecology and Resilience

UPM 4003

Security: Threats and Security Analysis

UPM 4004

Power and International Security

UPM 4005


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