Bachelor of Arts in Peace and Security (BAPS) - Joint Programme with African Institute for Development

Programme Description
The Bachelor of Arts in Peace and Security BAPS is an inter-disciplinary program designed to provide students with knowledge of peace and conflict as this relates to personal, local, national, regional and global perspectives.
Peace and Conflict Studies is part and parcel of international relations, with a focus on human relations. In this program, students are introduced to cutting-edge courses that explore the causes and consequences of war and armed conflict, with a view to understanding how to achieve sustainable peace. Courses draw on perspectives from political science, international relations, ethics, psychology and conflict resolution, allowing students to engage critically with the social, political and economic issues associated with peace and conflict in Africa and beyond.

Programme Objectives
The program assists students to become effective citizens and leaders in a peaceful and democratic society, both as individuals and as makers and implementers of private and public policy. It equips students with skills in peace and conflict as well as knowledge in mechanisms, techniques and strategies of mediation, negotiation and arbitration.

Modes of Study: The Programme is undertaken only through Online.

Programme Duration: 3 to 4 Years