10 Years of Building Capacity for Peace in Africa

Africa Peace and Conflict Journal - December 2013

Volume 6 Number 3


The APCJ is a refereed journal with a panel of international editorial advisors and readers. Allarticles are anonymously peer reviewed by at least two referees. We welcome the following types of contributions year round and will periodically issue calls for papers on specific topics:

Articles and case analysis: critical case studies or thematic discussion and analysis of topical peace and conflict themes (7,000 words maximum, including endnotes; abstract, 150 words or less).

Briefings/practice: training or intervention strategies, outcomes and impacts, policy review and analysis, country situational updates, and so on (2,000 words maximum).

Book reviews: critical assessments of new books that integrate peace and conflict concerns (1,500 words maximum).

Resources: reports, upcoming conferences and workshops, notices of new books and videos,e-communications, and Web sites that link to peace and conflict studies (150 words maximum); documents, declarations, communiqués, and other relevant nongovernmental or multilateral organizational statements (1,000 words maximum).



Guest Editor’s Note
From the Managing Editor


Child Soldiers and Irregular Warfare:Implications for Peacebuilding
Earl Conteh-Morgan

Popular Struggles for Democracy and Crises of Transition in Africa
Olatunji Olateju

Revisiting the Dominant Party Debate: Implications for Local Governance in a South African City
Tatenda G. Mukwedeya

Colonial Cartography and the Mandate System: Implications for the Tanzania-Malawi Border Dispute
James Zotto

Civil Wars and Violent Peace in Africa and Latin America: A General Outlook
Mauricio Uribe-López


Postconflict Peacebuilding: Don’t Put the Cart before the Horse
Jan Pronk

Intrastate Conflicts for Autonomy: Causes and Strategies for Resolution
Mathieu Bere


Recovering Nonviolent History: Civil Resistance in Liberation Struggles, edited by J. Maciej Bartkowski
Reviewed by Jude Kagoro

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